Basic Skincare Routine: Make Skin Look Good

Modern life can be so fast and hectic that it may seem impossible to give time and attention when it comes to skincare. With competing priorities and busy deadlines, where do you fit it all in? However, if you are really serious about your skin’s health and appearance and want it to be at its best, then you have to find the time!

Looking after your skin doesn’t mean buying expensive creams or spending hours with a dermatologist. It simply means understanding your skin and following a basic but dedicated skincare routine. If skin is good on the inside, it will definitely show on the outside. In the end, we’re all going to age, but the idea is to age gracefully.

Compulsory Routine

If I was allowed only 3 product to take on a desert island, it would have to be a cleanser, moisturiser and eye cream. It is these 3 that make up the foundation of a good skincare routine.

Cleanser: Do not skip the morning routine of washing your face with a cleanser. By failing this first part you risk inviting a whole host of skin problems. Some of the common issues will range from clogged pores, blackheads and flaky skin. Also, it will limit the effectiveness of other creams or products you use.

Your particular skin type or condition should match the cleanser. This will make a huge difference as the correct product will really help to clean the skin, while the wrong one will not be as effective. For example, if you have dry skin, try choosing an oil based cleanser or one that has a thick consistency. If it’s a good quality cleanser, not only will it clean the skin, but will moisturise it as well. If you have sensitive or acne prone skin on the other hand, it may be worth going for a mild cleanser like the ‘Simple Kind to Skin Refreshing Facial Wash Gel‘. These types won’t cause bad reactions or agitate the skin.

This leads to my second point, try to avoid products with harsh chemicals. It’s one of the worst things you can do to your skin. Sometimes the long term damage may be irreversible and before you realise, it may be too late. For example, those who suffer from hyperpigmentation may be tempted to use skin lightening soaps and scrubs that are notorious in some parts of the world. In many cases these products contain high level of ingredients such as hydroquinone which can slough off too much skin and expose it to sun damage.

Hydroquinone can be used correctly and is not bad altogether. In fact some dermatologists may recommend products containing hydroquinone for certain skin conditions like acne scars or age spots. However, this normally happens under medical supervision and a qualified doctor assesses your skin’s suitability. The same cannot be said if you’re buying products online or from unknown companies.

A wrong cleanser is a recipe for disaster and will lead to many other skin problems. Therefore make sure to choose one carefully.

Eye Care – The skin around the eyes is very delicate and extremely thin. It is the first area that shows signs of aging. This could range from dark under eye circles, wrinkles, crow’s feet to sunken eye sockets. Apart from drinking water and getting plenty of sleep, it is important that you invest in a good eye cream.

Some moisturisers can be used on the skin around the eyes, however if the skin is in pretty bad condition or the signs of ageing are too obvious then it would make sense to purchase a separate eye cream.

When choosing an eye cream, try to go for one that has spf. That way you get protection from the harmful uv rays which is one of the major contributing factors of premature ageing. Also look for ingredients such as vitamin K in your eye creams. Vitamin K is known to improve the appearance of broken capillaries which in turn will reduce appearance of dark under eye circles.

While putting on the cream, make sure to pat the skin rather than rubbing it in.

Moisturiser: Regardless of your skin type, you have to moisturise. Skin stays hydrated and healthy if you do this daily. If you neglect this, some of the obvious skin conditions you will experience are inflammation, premature ageing or breakouts. Those with dry skin should moisturise even more as they don’t produce as much natural oil as someone with oily skin.

When choosing a moisturiser, the same approach applies to how you would choose a cleanser. Skin type being be the deciding factor. You cannot go for a ‘one-size’ fits all approach unfortunately. Choosing the correct one can make the difference to having good or bad skin.

When buying a moisturiser, look for one that has spf. That way you won’t have to buy an additional sunscreen. Even on a cloudy day the skin is affected by the uva and uvb rays of the sun.

Extra Care

On top of what is mentioned above, it is recommended that you incorporate the following in to your skincare routine as well. Here you won’t have to follow these daily but 2 or 3 times or weekly would be sufficient and would make a huge difference to the quality of your skin.

Face Scrub: Use a face scrub 2 or 3 times a week. This will remove dead skin on the surface of your face and speed up the cell renewal cycle. As we age, the renewal cycle takes longer. If you’re struggling to decide what sort of face scrub to buy, then why not make it at home? Read the post ‘Homemade Face Scrubs That Will Make You Look Younger‘ to get inspirations and make your own DIY face scrub. Most of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen cupboard.

Face Mask: Use a face mask once a week. They are great for energising your skin and can help target specific skin conditions. Their benefits range from removing excess oil to awakening tired dull skin. You can sit at home and enjoy a spa like experience. Just make sure to only do this once a week as overdoing it can lead to skin becoming too dry.

Face Steam: This is really beneficial for giving your skin a deep clean. If you suffer from clogged pores or blackheads, a facial steam is a great way to remove these. If you don’t want to spend money on buying a face steamer then you can easily do this at home. Just boil some water and put inside a bowl. Place your face above the water covering with a towel. Do this for 10-15 minutes. You’ll find your pores will open up loosening the dirt and grime.

It is a really good thing to do before you use a face scrub or face mask, as it will open your pores and allow the ingredients to really penetrate into your skin. You will find that your breathing improves as well.

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