Is Olive Oil Good for Your Skin? If so, How?

Olive oil has many purposes, most commonly it is used in cooking or dressing your favourite salads. But did you know it has many benefits when it comes to skin care. Below let’s look at how this wonderful oil helps the skin in so many ways.

When it comes to skin care, olive oil isn’t something new. The Ancient Romans and Greeks used it to beautify themselves and make their skin glow. Even today in many parts of the world women continue to use this oil as part of their daily beauty regime.

Which olive oil to buy?

With all the different brands and types it can be confusing when it comes to buying the right one for your skin. As with anything, I always try to refrain from chemically processed products as much as I can. The same applies here; buy an olive oil that is high grade and one that is made naturally. The most obvious would be high quality extra virgin olive oil. The chemically processed ones will not be as effective and you won’t see the benefits on your skin. Furthermore, look for cold pressed olive oil as the process of making the oil doesn’t involve heating or using chemicals.

Brings glow and illuminates your skin

If you have dull, ashy complexion, then using olive oil will give your skin life. Not only will it brighten your skin, it will also help to keep it moisturised. Skin will be much smoother and it is especially beneficial for those with dry skin. Dry skin naturally has less moisture and is more prone to cracks. A really good tip is to wash your face with a cleanser at night then apply olive oil before you go to sleep. This way it allows the oil to penetrate into the skin and works throughout the night. I often do this and find the next day my skin is brighter and has a glow.

Skin exfoliator

Itchy, dry skin especially in the summer months can be a real pain. Rather than buying expensive products with no guarantee they will work, you should try olive oil. It’s very simple, mix some olive oil with brown sugar or sea salt and gently rub onto your skin. Leave for a couple of minutes then wash off. You will notice overtime, the scaly dry skin will go away and instead you will have soft healthy skin. This method is much safer than some of the products that contain strong harsh chemicals. But be sure to only do this 2 to 3 times a week. Over-use of this method can damage your skin.

Make-up remover

Firstly, never go to sleep with make-up on. Skin rejuvenation best works at night while you’re sleeping. If you’re feeling tired and just want to go to sleep, first remove the make-up with olive oil. It is a really effective and safe way.

Apply some olive oil onto a damp cloth or cotton pad and gently remove the make-up. Be careful not to rub the skin vigorously and instead apply gentle motions. Then follow up with a cleanser to wash your face. If you prefer you can finish off with a night moisturising cream.

Fine lines

Our laughter lines can really give away our age. For some of us our lines are very profound and deep. Applying olive oil is a really effective way to reduce these. It also makes the skin soft and supple and is especially beneficial for those with dry skin. Make sure to apply regularly and you will see visible results.

Smooth lips

Those who suffer from dry cracked lips could really do with some olive oil. Applying a thin layer a few times a day can really tackle this problem and ensure your lips are moisturised. For even better results, you can mix a little sugar and olive oil together to create a lip exfoliator. This will really help remove the dead skin and reveal softer, smoother lips!

Body oil

Why limit this wonderful oil only to the face, let your body experience the benefit as well. After having a shower, apply olive oil on to your entire body. By doing this regularly, you will see improvements in skin tone and smoothness. Your skin will glow. Also by massaging the body with the oil, you will have better blood circulation, thus increasing nourishment to the skin.

Try it and let me know how you get on. Good skin care doesn’t have to be about buying expensive products, it could be as simple as buying something from your local grocery shop!

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