Simple Kind to Skin Refreshing Facial Wash Gel Review

Recently I went through a phase where my skin started breaking out. It became dry and very itchy. So I decided to switch from my usual cleanser and opted for something a little milder. I came across ‘Kind To Skin Refreshing Facial Wash Gel’ by Simple (that’s a mouthful!). Upon looking into the company, I discovered Simple is UK’s no 1 facial skin care brand. I didn’t know this.

Back to the product, I wanted something gentle. But at the same time a product with enough active ingredients to thoroughly clean my skin and remove the impurities like excess oil and grime.

Product description:

The product comes in 150ml in a green tube. The retail price is around £1.50 at the time of writing this review.

It mentions on the description that it is 100% soap free vegan face wash. It removes dirt, oil and impurities and will leave skin refreshed and revived. Some of the active ingredients include triple purified water, pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E. These help to replenish and nourish the skin without causing irritation.

  • Has no artificial perfumes or colours
  • No harsh chemicals that can upset skin
  • Alcohol free
  • No parabens
  • Doesn’t contain animal derived ingredients

‘Perfect’ for even the most sensitive skin. The product is certified cruelty free by PETA and has not been tested on animals.

I do notice more and more brands are now trying to focus on the ethical aspect, at least in their marketing approach anyway. I think this is a positive sign if it means they are trying to offer chemically free or environmentally friendly products. There is clearly a market for this as more people are looking at these factors in deciding what brands they buy from.

Ingredients – Aqua, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Panthenol, Disodium Edta, Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Pantolactone, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Hydroxide, Tocopheryl Acetate.

Texture – It is a medium thin gel that is colourless. It is ‘soapy’ in texture rather than ‘foamy’ and has a ‘slippery’ feel to it when you apply.  It lathers really nicely onto your face and is very easy to spread. Once you apply the gel there is no tingly feeling that you sometimes get with certain cleansers. However it doesn’t rinse off easily and you are required to wash your face several times in order to get the gel off.

Smell – Like other products by Simple. It doesn’t have any distinct perfume smell. This in my view is a good thing as it means artificial ingredients have not been added to make it smell nice.

My Verdict

If you have acne or a lot of spots on your face then this product will not tackle or get rid of these. If you are after a face wash that removes deep impurities and cleans the skin thoroughly, unfortunately this won’t do it. Even after using the face wash twice a day it didn’t clear my skin deep enough or remove the blackheads. I found the product a bit ‘too mild’ for my liking. It also doesn’t do well for those with dry skin.

If on the other hand you are blessed with good skin or have really sensitive skin, then this product will suit you. It won’t cause skin irritation or strip away the natural moisture that your skin produces, as the gel is very mild. Furthermore, if you follow a night regime then this would be something to use in the morning as you’re not overloading your skin with so many strong products.

Those with combination skin who tend to get an oily shine on their face, this product is a good option. Or if you follow a skin care regime where you use a face scrub after a cleanser, then this would be ideal as it will prep your skin. I find that it really works when I follow up with a facial oil. The oil penetrates deeper and even after a few days my skin still has a glow.

If you’re looking for a face wash that removes make-up, this product is a decent choice. However, it may not remove those really strong products. You will still need to use wipes or other products that are specifically designed to remove make-up.

In terms of the price you cannot really complain. The tub will last you several months and is much cheaper than most face washes on the market. Those who are concerned with environmental issues or animal cruelty, this product ticks all the boxes. The packaging is recyclable and Simple have stayed away from parabens, harsh chemicals and testing on animals.

Would I recommend this product to you? Well, firstly you have to understand every skin is different. What works for me may not work for you. However, if you’re price conscious and have sensitive skin, then you might want to at least give it a try. For me, I don’t think I’ll be buying it again. Mainly for the reason that the product it ‘too mild’ for my skin and doesn’t do enough to remove the dirt. Let me know your experience with this and how you got on by posting in the comment section.

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