Vatika Virgin Olive Nourishing Shampoo Review

I few weeks ago I purchased the Vatika Naturals Virgin Olive Nourishing Shampoo. I have been using the product for some time now and wanted to give my review. The company Vatika is part of Dabur and has been around for decades. The brand predominantly caters to South Asian countries, but recently has been expanding its products in to Europe. 

I must say, I was a little overwhelmed by the different shampoos on offer within the ‘Vatika Naturals’ range. For example, there is Black Seed, Wild Cactus, Egg-Protein, Moroccan Argan and even ‘Garlic’! I might consider buying some of these and doing a review on them as well.

So why did I go for the Virgin Olive? To be honest I could’ve chosen the others but it was the nourishing part that persuaded me. Also the virgin olive. I know this is really good for the hair. In fact I use olive oil on my hair and it does wonders. But lately, I haven’t been doing this and as a result my hair became dry and I was looking to bring some life to it.

The Product

I purchased mine from Asda. It comes in 200ml in a green bottle. At the time of writing this review it retails at £3. I believe there is also a 400ml size as well. 

IngredientsThe Vatika Naturals Virgin Olive Nourishing Shampoo has a long list of ingredients, but I will mention the main ones – Olives, henna and almond. I’ll talk more about some of the other ingredients later on in the post.

Smell – I would describe the smell as a pleasant ‘leafy organic’ fragrance. It gives a ‘natural’ feel. It is not overpowering to the senses but has enough for you to notice it. In my experience it is one of the better smelling shampoos I have used. To be honest I really like the smell. 

Texture – I would say it is medium in texture. Not runny or thick. It has a light leafy green colour. It spreads well on to the hair and washes off easily. 

What the product claims to do…

The shampoo claims that its ‘true herbal recipe’ offers intensive nutrition that will nourish the hair and that its selected natural extracts will soften and vitalise your hair.

The shampoo is intended for those with ‘normal’ hair.


Scalp – Lately I started using some hair products which in turn gave me somewhat of an itchy scalp. I wouldn’t say it was excessive but enough for me to have an issue with it. The shampoo did well to reduce this and over time I did notice the itchiness was resolved.

Clean – I would definitely say that the Vatika Naturals Virgin Olive Nourishing shampoo cleaned my hair really well. I often put oil in my hair and other hair products. The shampoo got rid of everything and gave a nice clean feel.

Smell – The best thing I like about the shampoo is the smell. Like I mentioned above, it’s one of the best smelling shampoos I’ve used! It’s not too strong or off putting. Instead it has a light ‘leafy green’ feel to it. 


Ingredients – Unfortunately for me a big no no was the list of ingredients. Too many to mention. If the product was not marketed as being ‘natural’ I wouldn’t have minded so much. However it is, and therefore I was annoyed. For example, some of the ingredients such as sodium laureth sulfate, sodium chloride and artificial perfume are not ‘natural’ to say the least. In fact I’m trying to get away from these ‘sodiums’ as essentially they are cleaning agents and long term use is not something I would recommend. 

Lack of Shine – The product claims it will add shine to the hair. I must say I was a little disappointed as it failed to do this. Some shampoos I’ve used in the past, I definitely felt and saw that it brought ‘life’ to my hair. Here I can’t say that.


I don’t know if the shampoo has enough going for it for me to buy again. All things considered, I don’t hate the product nor do I really like it. I would say it’s another shampoo that people can buy.

Price-wise, It’s £3.00 for 200ml. If you are on a budget, you could pay a little less and get a shampoo that does exactly what this does but at a lesser price. 

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