Brahmi Oil Best Ayurvedic Oil for Benefits to Hair

Lately, my hair lost some of its softness and started getting dry. I think this was largely due to the weather and the fact I changed my shampoo. Adding to this, my work has brought about some unwanted stress which meant I wasn’t able to give my hair the much needed care that it deserves. But then I came across Brahmi Oil! 

I have to say, I wish I had known about this before. Not only has it helped with my hair but it has also benefited me in other ways which I will cover below. 

What is Brahmi Oil? 

Brahmi oil has been used in ayurveda for thousands of years. It’s main ingredient is bacopa, which is a plant known to have many healing properties. It can be turned into liquid form or powder, and is used for treating a wide range of aliments from improving cognitive functions to reducing inflammation. However, for this purpose we are only concerned of its affects on hair.

Extracts of bacopa are normally combined with sesame or coconut oil. There are varying opinions on which is better. One view is that sesame oil is better in winter months. Whereas, coconut oil is more suitable for summer months.

How to Use – I normally use 2 to 3 times a week. The reason for this is because you do have to wash your hair after applying. I wouldn’t recommend washing daily as it strips the hair of its natural oils and will definitely cause damage. Read my post ‘Hair: How to Look After Your Hair and Improve its Health‘ to understand more.

First you need to warm the brahmi oil before using it. The best way to do this is to fill a mug with warm water and place the bottle of brahmi oil inside the mug. Do not pour the oil inside! Wait until the oil becomes warm. After that pour the oil in your hands and slowly massage into your hair and scalp. Do this for about 10 minutes. Hair will become oily so I don’t recommend you sleep or lie down. I personally prefer to do this in the afternoon or evening as it allows the oil to get fully absorbed into my hair. Then just before bed time, I shower and wash off with a herbal shampoo.

Alternatively, you can massage the oil in to your hair and leave it overnight. But be sure to wrap your hair with a carrier bag or wear one those shower caps to avoid messing up your pillow.   

Ingredients – I bought my brahmi oil from one of my local south asian grocery shops for £4.99. You can also buy it online as well. It has the following ingredients: brahmi (bacopa monnieri), amalaki (emblica officinals), sesame oil.

When choosing which brand to buy, as I mentioned above, you can go with either sesame or coconut oil. Both are beneficial. However, be sure to avoid those with artificial ingredients. 

Benefits of Brahmi Oil

Soft Hair – Those that have dry damaged hair, I would definitely recommend using brahmi oil. Over time I have seen a difference in both the texture and feel to my hair. The oil acts to nourish and strengthen it and as a result my hair feels soft and supple.

Itchy Scalp – Time to time I do experience itchy scalp. This most happens when I haven’t washed my hair for a few days. But after using brahmi oil I see a reduction and the itchiness does go away.  

Hair Fall – I do get hair fall and this has been a concern of mine for some time. But if I be completely honest… I wouldn’t say the oil has completely stopped this. It has however reduced the amount – So that’s good! 

Head Massage – Brahmi oil is excellent for head massages. The best way to describe it is like having this warm sensation where your head feels calm and relaxed. The oil helps to relieve tension, headache and aids in better sleep. It is also effective in reducing my anxiety and is really good at getting me into a deeper state during my meditation.

Facial Steam – If you are into facial steams then using brahmi oil is really useful. Before steaming, I would recommend gently massaging the face with brahmi oil, especially around the nose and forehead area. This will help to loosen the pores when you eventually apply the steam and you will get a deeper clean.

As you can see, brahmi oil has so many benefits that it should be a part of any hair care regime. It deals with many issues that most people face regarding their hair. Also, it’s not even expensive! You can purchase a bottle from your local south asian grocery shop from anywhere between £5 to £10 – And it will last you several months.

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