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About Me - Get Perfect Skin

Hello lovely people! My name is Rahela. I am a skincare blogger. I’ve always had a passion for all things to do with skincare for as long as I can remember. The inception of my blog came about after my frustrations with a lack of honest and open reviews that I would often read. Many times I made purchases based on these reviews but was disappointed, as the products didn’t live up to my expectations.

This led me to create my own blog. Right from the beginning my intention was clear. I would buy a product, use it and then give an absolute honest review – Even if I didn’t like it! This means all views and opinions expressed on here are based on my own personal experience. Some of the results may be different for you, but then again every skin is different and unique!


I make every effort to give my honest opinion. However, they are for informational purposes only. I do not make any warranties for the suitability of any product or treatment and any such reliance based on these reviews are at your own risk.

Where there are sponsored/affiliate links, I have made this clear with Red font and Underlined.

Thank You.